A better place for all of us

It just feels so right looking outside a car and seeing things passing by. Its one of my favourite thing to do. I love to commute. It helps me to see the world and the problems people are facing. To me, commute is an opportunity to look outside and figure out how to make this world a better place for all of us to live in.

Humans are always fascinated by the idea of the destiny. The end point of their life. Some dream about it while some choose their destiny by working every day towards it. I think whatever your goals are, they all come to one point: Making this world a better place.

Reading about the people who have changed the world has intrigue me to read and research more about the things and problems they are working on. I have to say, it completely changed my perspective about our world.

When I see stars, I see a future where we belong. I see the possibility of humans becoming a cyborg and living in an environment that was once not hazardous to us. When I see computer, I see a strong possibility of emergence of another intelligence(that’s in completely new dimensions). An intelligence that will most likely surpass us one day. And no one actually knows whether Human and AI, both will be able to make this world a more better place are will be actually fighting each other. Let’s see.

The future belongs to us and that has to be inspiring and exciting. It should neither be liked our present nor our past. Because our past and present are not exciting and inspiring. They are full of bad decisions and blood. They don’t motivate us to make this world a better place. So we need something better on which we can all work together for each other and hence making this world a better place for our generations to come.

Technology is by far the best things that has happened to us. It has helped people to solve problems. Technology has raised some series problems and those particular problems demand a more innovative approach about problem solving. They cannot be solved with the usual problem solving thinking framework. We have to think outside of the box. Instead of looking things as they are, we need to go the root level of the things and ask questions of why they are the way they are. We need to understand the fundamentals of the problems we are facing and address those fundamentals.

Like I said, the future has to be inspiring and exciting. For this we need to change our mindset. Instead of just living our life on paychecks we should be should be doing something that will help others in the long term. We should be doing something that will have positive effect on the world. We need to change the world around us and make it better. Doing this will not only benefit us but it will benefit our generations to come.




Making this world a better place!

All my life, I have seen violence in people life and people suffering from it. I’ve seen people praying to God and yet their own children are suffering because of what they did to them. I see kids who deserve better, perhaps a better mother or father or both, just because they are human and because they feel things. Because they take things personally. Because they are kids and no one has the right to teach them how hard life is.

The very few people who was supposed to make you feel better actually make you feel worse, about yourself and about this world. They’ll leave you and one day you will realize that only you can truly take care of yourself. That’s the better truth but an important one as you grow older.

Looking forward or looking backwards. Its your choice. The thing is, you don’t have the plenty of time and you have to make sure that you are spending each moment of your life in investing yourself to be a best at what you do.

Life is not bad at all. It can be beautiful and it can be the prison. All it depends how courageous we are and how we can make decisions to protect ourselves from all that outside nothingness. We have to learn to take care of ourselves in a better way. Because it’s one way of making this world a better place.



After all, Life goes on

Not all the skies are full of stars,
Sometimes it’s always the darkness that surrounds you,
And covers your scars,

Sometimes you are just alone in darkness,
Wandering into the unknowns,
For an adventure of a lifetime,

Sometimes, it’s just you and your pillow,
To witness the end of countless nights,
Without any hope residing in your eyes,

You always tell yourself that you are the lucky one,
And blue is your favorite color,
Until the people you love, abandon you,

And do you know what hurts more?
Knowing that it does not even matter,
Because after all,
Life goes on.



Hope and Pain

Hope – The only thing that you can understand in your complex past, present and future. It made you lost. It made you looked like a fool and a crazy person. It made you feel alone in a hundred thousand people. But that is the dark side of hope. It also made you beautiful. So much beautiful that you have became unique and very of your own. It has made you lovely and courageous. The problem is you think you are lost.

I really don’t know whether you are lost or not. Perhaps you want to become an astronaut and go to space to fulfill your childhood dream? Or perhaps you want to go to past and hug yourself for everything you have been through? I don’t know what is more important. You want to endure pain and yet you want to forget it. You want to run away from all those people who hate you. You want to run away from all those voices that you don’t want your children to listen. You want to go to someplace where they can’t reach you and become a part of you again.

You know, I have seen what lies behind the faces of people. People may tell you about how they feel about humanity. About how pious they are in following their religion. But inside everyone, there lives a very very selfish man. I call him ‘Enemy of Man’. Everyone will hurt you. I am telling you this from the start. Each and every person is going to hurt you. From the start and to the beginning, they are going to hurt you.

The best way to endure pain is to avoid it. It is to stop thinking about all the stuff that you hate and about all the people whom you never likes in your life. You have to do this, because if you don’t, you are going to hurt your lively soul that resides inside you. And believe me, once you are hurt, no one will come and sit beside you to talk about all the suffering you have been through.


Every once in a while

So often
A moment turns into an eternity
And then the eternity leads you to devastation.

So often
A smile fills the sky with music
And then you see the hurricane falling from the sky.

So often
A stranger becomes your friend
And that friendship leads to emptiness.

So often
A star leads to destiny
And that destiny is a million miles away.

So often
You reach the fighting end
And then you want to be whole again.

The lights in the dark sky

Waiting for your dreams
To unfold in front of you
Sometimes you have got it all wrong
Even though you know the truth

Waiting for home
On a long road
Sometimes you forget
Where you were supposed to go

Existing in a hollow space and not realizing
What you have become
May be you are another lost soul
Swallowed in the sea

But one night
When you have figured out everything
Something hits your chest really hard
Maybe seeing the stars, reminds you of your destiny

But don’t get it all wrong
It doesn’t matter
That how many times they tell you
That you have got it all wrong

You have got to remember your every dream
Even when the darkness surrounds you
Leaving you nowhere and you see nothing
But your dreams
Like the lights in the dark sky.

If I lost my nap

If I lost my nap
And fall into the trap
Of knowing your heart
That will surely break my heart

Ever crossed the lines across the sky
Ever jumped across them
Ever ran beyond those lines
And felt tired?

I still feel darkness around me
Trying to say something to me
May be that I once had a friend
And that made me break my heart

If she is not lost
I would not be so much tired
But now I am running in morning in a park
With her in my head.